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In San Diego, dozens of students from San Dieguito Union High School District are facing possible criminal charges after teen girls sent naked photos of themselves to their boyfriends, which were then shared among six different high schools and one middle school.

Sharing nude photos of young people has been classified as distributing child pornography in some states. Some parents have resorted to apps, like Eye Guardian, which was created by two fathers and alerts parents whenever explicit or abusive content is shared on their child’s Facebook account.

A computer-generated 10-year-old Filipina girl has caught 1,000 pedophiles around the world who are paying for child porn.

The Dutch chapter of the children’s rights group Terre des Hommes created the virtual girl called “Sweetie” as part of a sting operation to track down adults who were willing to pay children in developing countries to perform sexual act in front of the webcam.

The students answered several yes/no questions that ranged from “In the last six months have you texted someone a sexual message to flirt with them?

” to whether or not they participated in a variety of sexual activities from kissing to intercourse and whether they had casual or serious romantic partners.

According to the study authors, teens who sexted were four to seven times more likely to also partake in sexual activities.

(“Lolita”) Lyon was only 14 when she was cast as “nymphet” Dolores Haze in Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita.” Though the film toned down the novel’s pedophilia themes significantly, its iconic poster depicting Lyon with a lollypop was certainly lurid, and she followed the role with yet another eyebrow-raiser in “Night of the Iguana.” (“The Exorcist”) While casting 1973’s “The Exorcist,” director William Friedkin was concerned that preteen applicant Blair might be too young to handle the intense grotesqueries inflicted on her Satanically possessed character. More than holding her own in scenes opposite Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel, Foster garnered an Oscar nom for the role, which helped spring her into a rich and varied adult career.The result was instantaneous, tracking down 20,000 child exploiters from more than 65 countries by gathering information on Sweetie’s customers through social media.The identities of 1,000 of these alleged predators were submitted to Interpol.A new study published in the journal found that a significant number of adolescents between ages 12 and 14 sext, and that these children are more likely to kiss, have oral sex or sexual intercourse than their counterparts who did not send such explicit messages.The study surveyed 420 seventh grade students from five urban public middle schools in Rhode Island.

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