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Now we come to the major retailers’ reason for the season, presents.

Since it’s in the presents that all the incessant Christmas shopping and advertising is all about.

v=b Dw YRzq9LY4 Ta B cola – 1982 (Elle Mac Pherson) v=Z8l5Fk_xz0w Uncle Sam deodorant, simply brilliant! If anyone can help me at all I would be most greatful. There is a really good XXXX ad for state of origin that I saw on you tube once.

v=ber Ofi IHkd Q Bond's Hype-R-Color fashion range – 1992 v=Di Dss X7zl Q4 Demtel – Kings Collection of Knives v=b Yq Yu D09Ck Y Also, the old ‘Community Service’ ads on Channel Nine back in the 80s (I believe they were done by a Perth agency but I’m not sure if they were only aired in the West or nationally). Everyone remember Mrs Marsh with her wonderful chalk demonstration? v=qar K6F97ap A Johnny walker – hard to pronounce but easy to drink – 1990 v=YKA3xppy L90 Julius Sumner Miller – Cadbury Chocolate I remember the big hat and the song Kentucky Fried Chicken Hugo and Holly v=QNJP4mn6SD8 RC Cole featuring Victoria Quilter, hubba, hubba I am looking for an 1980's TV ad produced in Sydney for Shopping World. I do these ads people wonder why, I tell you what, sleeping dogs don't lie, they scratch it, just scratch it.... Cityrail Advert^^ this one brings back memories of what the stations used to look like State Rail Authority of NSW Commercial 1982^^Funny that public transport is hardly advertised.

Well here's both" and it had a whole bunch of girls in Bikini's moving timber around. Anyone remember when Hal Todd used to host late night movies on channel 10 back in the late 1970's / early 1980's with lots of live adverts. Toddy used to do ads for "Del-Monte suits" and this one for "Golden Casket" jewellers who are still in business at same location 30 years later there's a few jingles that I still remember from the old days...

ksepoulima sto franco cozzo, trapezaries, krevatokamares, karekles apo to franco cozzo, elate na agorasete epipla sto franco cozzo! I love watching the old Aussie car commercials from the past. Not to forget the Smith's Chips Gobbledok commercials. v=9a Tyvd OLBd A Dick Smith Commercial – 1982 (the wizz kids) The first one I watched said something like "You like timber and you like bikinis?

They did broadcast old ads during the break when the show "Life on Mars" was on channel 10 Share your favorite and vote. ) youtube = CDo the right thing youtube = Cottes Cordial What else can u find? I think there was a series of commercials, with the same guys at a bbq and they're asked what they want, they look at each other and go 'chicken' can anyone recall the add / what it was for / know of a youtube or similar video link online for it please? Who remembers an ad for "Busy Girl" Starts off with a song "Busy girl you're so out of time..." Followed by "Hi I'm Nola Clarke, a model & a very busy girl".

BTW im not old enough to even know some of these, yet they seem pretty good. v=J7zhgyawyv8 Actually if anyone comes across the ad for Australian Lighting that was screened in VIC in the 80s/90s, please post the link! Nola doesn't have time to wash her hair so she sprays stuff on her head, combs it out, hey presto (kinda) clean hair. and got the advertising company into a lot of trouble and the director was fired.

And let’s just say you find plenty of terrible gift ideas on the internet if you know where to look. v=7Zktu DFo3vw African Lion Safarrie – Warragamba Dam v=9Pq8TFpt KR4 *shudder* I remember as a young tacker having no idea about what AIDS even was but being scared of it just because of the ads. Edit: Posted below, it's deodorant not shampoo, thanks for posting that one. Some of it went like this: "take a coin, take a nail, take anything and scratch it, just scratch it. being a rail enthusiast, i stumbled upon these old cityrail/sra ads. v=s9Uv_Ck4-q0 Australias Wonderland – dream erarly 90s v=Esdfjh B3t8k Dont Forget to have a Golden Gaytime I guess I made too many chapter breaks because when it finalised the discs it did so without sound. I started capturing directly to my PC but about an hour after starting again I got fed up and packed it all away. Wally Walpamur, Dr Lindeman, the American Shampoo guy – it's quite amazing how some of these inane ditties become etched into our memories. etc Life Be In It, ad about checking for moles (with an actual animal mole doing the talking). Does anyone remember the Rice Bubble ads that featured opera? A couple good old Telecom ads (back when they were government owned and had real PRIDE in running one of the best phone systems in the world) Rj16jk "Eat more fruit and vegetables, and be more active"...

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Some of my favourites: Commonwealth Bank ad from 1986 I think this ad from late '60s Anyone remember the Mellow Yellow ads with Alex Wileman? v=Rywj UBs KDxo I had to laugh when I realised that she was the lady in this ad recently :) She has aged really well! v=j Bb TEkg Lvek An Australian advertisement for Bolle sunglasses: https:// The original was aired way back before I was born I think. v=04Ydys6xf T8 Hahaha Who, among the Perth readership, remembers this little ditty, from the early 1970's, promoting the 'Autoways' car-yard: "XBP-183 was a beautiful machine;lived in luxury, treated right, always beautifully clean.

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