Craig horner bridget regan dating

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Craig horner bridget regan dating

This 26 years old actor has made a remarkable place in the heart of his fans and followers who simply approve and adore his work.

The lovely pair was blessed with a baby as a daughter Frankie-Jean on Dec 27, 2010. She has played good enough role in her career as well as a wife and a mother.Craig stays in an outstanding shape which acts as a magnetic pull for his fans to get stick towards him.It is seen that he has been dating his co- star of legend of the seeker who is considered as his girlfriend, Bridget Regan.His creative talents and gifted abilities also put him on route for chances at the back of the camera in the near upcoming future.Craig Horner is considered to be the next big leading actor or director for the upcoming age.

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Craig Horner is an Australian actor and a great musician who had appeared for the first time in the Australian TV program named Cybergirl.